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Spazio Nobile: Season IV – Crystallized Group Show 

is now opened from 23 February until 15 April 2017.

For its first 2017 exhibition, Spazio Nobile gallery reveals 13 new contemporary unique pieces and limited editions exploring the organic. Finding innovative ways to employ noble materials like ceramics, crystal, lacquer, metal, mixed media, photography and natural minerals, these designers and photographers have applied a handcraft approach to create a series of outstanding installations. Material alchemy transforms one’s perception and elevates the status of an object or image beyond ornamentation. Combining nature with technology reveals the beauty of experimentation while the importance of recycling and upcycling are brought to the fore. How can one achieve strong visual and tactile vibrance, grown materials, develop formal language and pallets of shade without destroying the environment? In this light, Spazio Nobile works to redefine certain functional objects as art.

Contemporary applied arts, design & photography


Spazio Nobile for applied art, design and photography is located at the ‘piano nobile’ of a 1920s house in Brussels.

A space dedicated to culture and creation

Highlighting expertise in design and the applied arts (glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc.) as well as in photography, Spazio Nobile aims to create a dialogue between diverse disciplines; a harmonious melange of contemporaneity and sense of history.

Spazio Nobile is the shared project of a couple made up of two art historians who have taken complementary paths in their own lives. With more than 20-years in the field of art and design, Lise Coirier has focussed her career on spotlighting designers who infuse matter with form and life. Her husband, Gian Giuseppe Simeone, followed a parallel journey, concentrating on the preservation of cultural and artistic heritage but also public awareness.

The gallery is located on the first floor of a 1920s Brussels ‘maison de maître’; this so-called ‘piano nobile’ or ‘noble floor’ recalls patrician Italian homes and the principle reception rooms or collection room. However, Spazio Nobile is more than a “gallery” in the conventional sense. It is a platform for work and exchange, dedicated to shared know-how; an aesthetic encounter that always offers a full cultural and sensory experience. An ideal setting for living exhibitions and storytelling.

With four to five exhibition per year, Spazio Nobile puts together a rigorous programme for visitors and collectors who are searching for meaning through unique pieces, limited editions and one-of-a-kind experiences. Bringing photography together with applied arts and design, the gallery is a place of artistic interaction, where Belgian and international talents can cohabitate. The culture of images and objects is at the heart of the gallery’s programme. Creators fill the spaces in a sensitive and personal way, as in an apartment or an intimate showcase, allowing a free movement that is far removed from the spirit of a “white box.” The exhibits are personal stories or questions that reveal the imagination and intention beyond objects. Dinners and gatherings punctuate each season, giving a true humanist dimension to the space. To keep the look and meaning renewed, capsule collections will be inserted during the successive exhibitions.

In collaboration with :

Bis Lighting, Delta Light, Kvadrat, Lasvit, Michel Penneman, 2TEC2/Limited Edition, Thonet, Vervloet, Wästberg.

Space-time: interior design on a human scale

Staying true to their path, nurtured by artistic complicity and intuition, Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe entrust Belgian Michel Penneman with the interior design of the gallery. Known for hotel projects: thewhitehotel (for which Lise collaborated), the Pantone, the Tenbosch, the Zoom, the Vintage, Penneman is characterised by a convivial, open to the city, spirit. His activity as a creator of 3D images adapts interiors for contemporary and urban lifestyles. While retaining the character and details inherent in the architectural style of a 1920s town house, Penneman developed a refined setting, neutral but warm and nuanced; emphasising the three-room suite opening up to the city garden, to enhance the quality of the space for exhibitions. A long kitchen and “endless table” equally play a role in the setting of the space, which will also host cross-discipline dinners and friendly gatherings.

For its interior design, the gallery also turned to three Belgian designers and three Belgian manufactures, who marked the space with installations offering a sensorial impact and an entirely subjective experience. Nathalie Dewez refined the space with lighting objects and a mirror with silvery oceanic effects, while Kaspar Hamacher sculpted wood to produce beautiful dugout pieces, as the office and the shelving system. Brussels label Vervloet permeated the setting all the way from the door of the street entrance, with a very tactile double participation: Portofino nobs and a special series of door handles designed by goldsmith  Nedda El-Asmar. 2Tec2/Limited Edition and Delta Light are also enhancing the quality of the space both for the flooring and lighting design of the ‘piano nobile’.

SPAZIO NOBILE by Pro materia gallery

Contemporary Applied Arts, Design & Photography

Rue Franz Merjay, 142
1050 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0) 2 768 25 10

Wedn – Sat from 11 am to 6 pm & by appointment

Contact: Lise Coirier –, +32 (0) 475 53 19 88 & Gian Giuseppe Simeone,, +32 (0) 477 27 29 04
PR: Nathalie Zalcman, Forum Communication, +32 (0) 475 79 77 01

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